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Craft the look that enchants you.

Flooring yields the power to tie an entire interior together. Whether at home, the office or in a commercial context, the right style accentuates the qualities of a space. Esco helps you get started with six diverse collections, each holding possibilities for you to create a look that keeps you spellbound.


Colour and structure

Throughout the six collections, a variety of colours is at hand to set the mood you envisioned. From vibrant and smoky tones to calming and natural browns, fresh whites and warm greys, there are a total of 36 options to choose from. Combine your preferred colour with a custom surface structure such as sanding, brushing, a unique handcrafted style or a cross-sawn effect… you name it.To make sure minimal maintenance is required,all Esco flooring is finished with either a premium UV hard wax or oxidative oil.



Compose your flooring concept with your favourite installation pattern. The single strip method is available for all styles. Looking to add a touch of sophistication? The distinctive zigzag of a herringbone pattern can make an interior appear more dynamic and elegant. Lastly, chevron may cater to your wish for a mesmerising ambience.



The character of your floor is divided into various gradings. Would you prefer a calm, pure look? Or would you prefer a more rustic look with a lively character, large knots and sapwood? Or something in between: the choice is yours.



You can opt for traditional solid or engineered 3-layer flooring, both featuring the same authentic wood look. Underfloor heating works best when combined with engineered flooring, thanks to the improved stability of its 3-layer composition.



When it comes to choosing the best flooring for a certain space, determining the size of the planks is a crucial step. In small rooms, narrow planks can create an elongating effect, while wide planks often radiate more cosiness and luxury.


Discover the different gradings. From a calm and pure look to rustic knots and cracks: shape your interior based on the character you choose for your floor. Find out which style suits you best below.

100 % European oak flooring

Discover the magic and timelessness of 100% European oak flooring through six inspirational collections. Careful craftsmanship and expertise have shaped the story of Esco today, and responsibly sourced wood and local processing will build on Esco’s future.

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