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Explore the endless possibilities of oak with Esco.

Explore the endless possibilities of oak with Esco.

Since the dawn of time, people have been using hardwood for flooring in their interiors. Oak in particular has established its roots as a valuable and durable resource, with its history as a flooring material dating back over five centuries.

Esco invites you to rediscover the magic of this trusted tradition with six timeless collections, stemming entirely from the versatile and inspiring oak tree. From a rustic look with distinct knots to a more subtle and soft character, each aspect inherent to this unique wood species speaks to a different style.

But it is only with the careful craftsmanship and expertise Esco has to offer, that these floors unlock the full potential of their beauty. Discover which styles, colours and finishes work best for your tastes and create a floor that is completely your own.

100% European oak flooring.

Enchanted by its character and resilience, we wholeheartedly choose oak to be the base of our products. The wood is harvested in cultivated forests in the heart of Europe. The respect for our source material is paramount, from log to final product. That is why we exclusively work with certified suppliers who share our objectives: to protect and preserve the forests that hold such incredible beauty.

Sustainability is essential to Esco.

Aiming at the lowest possible environmental impact, we are strictly committed to production materials of pure European origin. The oak we harvest is processed locally at our own sawmill to ensure quality and minimal CO₂ emissions at every step. Furthermore, we strive to utilise waste generated from production in our factories during the heating season. Sizes unfit for parquet are provided to furniture and other industries so that every piece of the tree finds its purpose.

Esco is part of Decospan, the European market leader in wood veneer processing. Decospan gives pride of place to nature in its Pure Wood Charter, prioritising responsible forest management and storing carbon dioxide throughout the products’ lifecycle

A brand by Decospan

As a customer-centric company, Decospan chooses to think alongside our partners to develop complete lifestyle solutions. Architects, project developers and contractors are invited to immerse themselves in the world of wood and explore the full potential of how this noble product can be processed: in wall, ceiling or acoustic applications, flooring, or furniture.

By providing partners with the right tools and information to integrate the beauty of real wood into any day-to-day living or working environment, Decospan brings them one step closer to creating a world full of wonderfully natural wood looks, a world full of favourite places.

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    ESCO is a brand of the Decospan Group